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            Enterprise Culture

            3POS Cultural Meaning

            Level One :
                   3 --- means many and good
                   3P --- People
                   O --- Oriented (Customer/Market/Supplier/ Society/Intretech)
                   S --- Sibling of Intretech

            Second Floor :
                   Second meaning : Means Intretech staff have good future, Intretech has good future,Every Sibling of Intretech can get satisfied paid.

            Third Floor :
                   Logo is a harmonious combination of 3POS, describes its direct meaning.
                   Logo turns from red to orange, inherits from MALATA logo and conveys the passion culture.
                   Dancing “S” reveals the health and vitality of Intretech siblings, displays the sport culture.
                   Logo is a capital “P”, explains the People-Oriented culture.

            “Intretech”LOGO Explain:


            In my heart
            Nothing is impossible
            To be No. 1
            Responsibility and
            Execution are very important
            To be professional
            Enjoy the work
            Create 1st class product and
            High value for customer