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                   Intretech Technology Building is located in No.11 professional incubation building of Fuzhou University Science

            Park. It is a university-industry cooperative project between Xiamen Intretech Inc. and Fuzhou University. This project

            aims to accelerate and support the construction of Fuzhou University Science Park, give full play to the university in

            discipline, talents, science and technology resources advantage, drive the university to serve for enterprises,promote

            university-industry cooperation, speed up the transformation of technology innovation and achievement and serve

            for Fujian's spanning development and construction of economic zone built in western coast of the Taiwan Straits.

            This cooperation willcomplement each other’s advantages and realize resource sharing between Fuzhou

            University and Intretech, carry out the construction of engineering R&D center andkey laboratories, promote the

            effective combination of variousproduction factorsrequired by technologicalinnovation, speed up commercialization

            of research findings and talent cultivation, etc.